Consumer Database


Our consumer database is one of the most comprehensive sets of consumer lists available. We maintain a household, demographic, purchasing and lifestyle information on over 60 million Americans and are capable of pinpointing behaviors and buying habits for US households.

These consumer lists contain over 100 bits of information on each consumer, making it easy for you to target exactly your ideal market. With our consumer mailing lists and extensive targeting capabilities, you will have unparalleled access to your target market.

Choosing demographic selects and utilizing targeted consumer lists enables you to target your audience with a precision that will improve your response rates, increase sales opportunities, and lower the cost of your sales lists.

Our comprehensive consumer database, along with our meticulous data hygiene processes, makes our data consumer mailing lists the industry standard for list accuracy and effectiveness. Utilizing our consumer lists will give you the best opportunity to exceed your marketing goals.

Total count 60,168,236

To help you refine your consumer and residential mailing lists, we offer dozens of search selections, including:

Estimated Household Income
Marital Status
Single vs. multi-family home
Home Value
Presence of children
Hobbies & Interests
Charity Donor
Pet Lover
Political Affiliation
Lifestyle Interests

All our list are CAN-SPAM compliant, an opt-in email list is regularly updated to remove opt-outs and bad email addresses to ensure high deliverability.

We guarantee 100{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} deliverability when we deploy your email marketing campaign and provide a detailed click and opens report following the deployment.