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49 (average)

Household Income

$206,000 (average)

Net Worth

$596,000 (average)


82{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} have attended college or hold degrees
15{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} hold a masters degree or higher


17{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} have their own business
78{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} are currently employed

  • 72{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} of those are in top or middle management
  • 21{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} make decisions regarding where corporate meetings/retreats are held
Home Ownership

82{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} own their principal residence

  • average market value: $471,000

18{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} own a second home or condo

  • average market value: $377,000
Golf Activities
Playing Experience

Average number of years playing golf: 22

Rounds Played

Average rounds played (last 12 months): 45
Average number of different golf courses played (last 12 months): 11
Average number of people in household who play golf: 2


Average index: 15
Best handicap ever played to: 9

Buying Habits
Golf Equipment

Own an average of the following clubs:

  • 2 sets of woods
  • 5 single woods
  • 2 sets of irons
  • 2 drivers
  • 3 putters
  • 3 wedges

36{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} own or plan to buy custom-fitted clubs
Average number of golf bags owned: 2

91{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} buy golf balls by the dozen
6{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} buy golf balls by the gross
Average amount of golf balls purchased in the last 12 months: 8

Average amount spent on golf equipment (last 12 months): $750

Golf Apparel

Average number of golf shirts purchased (last 12 months): 9
Average number of pairs of golf shoes owned: 3
Average number of pairs of golf shoes purchased (last 12 months): 2
Average number of pairs of golf gloves purchased (last 12 months): 7

Average amount spent on golf apparel (last 12 months): $559


65{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} invest in stocks
70{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} invest in funds
32{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} invest in bonds
12{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} invest in CDs

Average securities transactions per year: 11
The average sum of investments owned: $ 225,000

Vehicles Owned

Average amount spent on most recent vehicle purchase: $29,000

Type of vehicle most recently purchased:

SUV- 32{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Luxury (i.e. BMW)- 14{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Midsize- 29{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Minivan- 7{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Sports car- 4{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Truck- 6{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}
Other- 8{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0}

40{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} are considering the purchase of lease of a new vehicle in the next year.

Travel Activities
Golf travel

On Average take 1 to 3 golf trips a year

  • Travels with family
  • Business Travel
  • Group travel

Top golf destinations
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • California
  • Las Vegas
Additional travel features
  • 75{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} received their golf vacation information from online sources
  • The average cost of principal vacation is $2,500
    33{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} took trips outside the continental U.S. in the past three years
  • Rented a car an average of 6 times in the past year
  • Took an average of 4 airline trips in the past year
  • 75{03872ad8ad12611b6b0d4417ba74d617adc21867db9b76b2359df216f8489da0} have booked travel arrangements on the Internet


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